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Support the channel!

If you would like to show your appreciation for our content, there are many ways you can help - every little helps! Liking, subscribing and commenting over on YouTube already helps greatly in promoting my videos, but if you would like to go a step further and help fund projects in return for exclusive content, you can: 

Show your support on BuyMeACoffee: through a one-time donation or subscription to support specific projects, join the BuyMeACoffee community today!

To unlock exclusive perks such as posts, videos, photos, private messages and more in the form of a monthly subscription, head on over to Patreon! A big thank you to Daisy for designing the logos for the tiers, I think you will agree they look fantastic!


Purchasing items from my shop helps fund my projects, supports my antique restoration work, and you'll own a beautiful antique or handmade piece from myself!


Jasmine, my daughter who does the editing for the channel and sometimes helps film, is an aspiring editor and has opened her own BuyMeACoffee page for you to support her too!

I'd like to say a massive thank you to those who do support the channel, without your help a lot of my projects and videos could not be possible. Having decided to dedicate more time to making videos on YouTube, it has now become my main source of income and the more you help, the more content I can provide!


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